Five or More 2014 Tournament Rules

  1. The tournament begins on July 31st, 2014, and runs until August 14th, 2014.
  2. You do not need to identify yourself to join. You don't have to sign in with facebook, or google, and your email address is not required.
  3. If you win, you don't get a prize, but you are declared to be the World Five or More Champion for 2014. (hey, put it on your C.V. or your business card.)
  4. Download the game sources, compile and run. If compiling is too hard for you, there is a debian package available. If you're not on debian, you're out of luck unless someone volunteers to make packages. The game sends your scores to this scoreboard.
  5. You're probably going to want to run this game on GNU+Linux in the GNOME environment. No griping because it doesn't work on your Commodore 64, or whatever crazy setup you have.
  6. You can send as many scores as you like.
  7. You can only play on the 9x9 game board size.
  8. You get a maximum of 82 points for making a line of 10 balls. If you manage to make a line of 11 balls, you still only get 82 points.
  9. You are encouraged to use colourful language when submitting your name with the score. For example if you want to call yourself "John Smith, One bad-ass motherfucker", you can! Names longer than 128 characters are chopped for aesthetic purposes. Hate speech of any kind will be removed, along with your score.
  10. Cheaters will find that cheating is discouraged on a technical basis. Please don't root my box.
  11. You can download and replay any score on the scoreboard to inspect it for cheating, or to learn new strategies.
  12. Tournament chat is on the Freenode network in the #five-or-more channel.
  13. If email is more your thing, you can leave feedback at, or send me a note if you want to volunteer.
  14. After the tournament is over, the entire score database will be made available for download, so you can have a copy of all of your score files (and everyone else's too).
  15. The sources for this website are available, so you can run your own tournament if you wish.

If you appreciate this tournament and would like to donate $5 to help me recoup $167 in costs, it would be GREATLY welcomed! Every little donation helps. I hope this digital adventure can break even with the help of generous people like you.

$5 dollars has been received so far, and this button will go away once $167 has been reached.